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Dadagari Jeelan Early Life,Personal Bio-Graphy,Novels and Quotes

Dadagari Jeelan Basha at Lailatul al Qadr 2018

 Dadagari Jeelan Basha (Dadagari Jeelan Basha born in 24th March 1992 at Proddatur), worldwide known as an Indian writer for his best fiction stories embraces about Morality.Let's take a look about his Early Life ,Novels,Quotes and More.

Early Life of Dadagari Jeelan

Dadagari Jeelan take his birth on account of Ram Navami which marks a Hindhu grand traditional popular festival in India.Dadagari is says last Son in his whole traditional family that's why he is called one of the dearest Son in family where grew by all Cares and Loves in his family.Dadagari blessed by the Parent's Dadagari Gulzar Begum and Mahaboob Basha is the last and younger Son in his Family.Dadagari the Dearest from all has been after his birth the family decided to make his lucky blessed gift by God to everyone knows by grand Hair Cutting frunction in his Village Proddatur.

Dadagari Parents Dadagari Gulzar Begum and Dadagari Mahaboob Basha 
since from the year 2 age only Dadagari Writing on his elder brother and sister's books has been avoc them.They understand he is one of the most passionate and eagarness for education  as been declares that he will join a All times best School of English education system based on Most English language.In the year 1995 He Joined School name "Harsha Public School" one of top most School at that times.Dadagari often solving Maths Problems in School at black board his writing indicates like Pearl all these made School Teachers for Inspiration to other students by him.Dadagari in home no one but more than 7 Sister's and 4 brother's are together grown.Dadagari Nazineen Begum,Dadagari Naseem Begum and Dadagari Afteen Begum are his own elder Sister's and Dadagari Ghouse Basha is own elder Borther.

Dadagari Munwar Basha,Dasagari Siraj Basha,Dadagari Shabreena Begum and Dadagari Farheena Begum are the his father's Dadagari Mahaboob Basha younger Brother Dadagari Mahamood Basha Elder Son's and Daughter's.Syed Rizwana Begum,Syed Apsana Begum and Syed Riyaz Basha are his father Younger sister's means Cousin Brother's and Sister's.Their Home one of top most Building flat at the street Mydukur Road at Proddatur village.The Proddatur is small village later It Represented as Town and Now It's has been Named as City.
Dadagari the smallest and cute one from his family so every his sister and brother always spend more time with him from playing games to teaching School Homs works.Dadagari in his School day At Harsha Public School he receive a Best Singer Award on Performing Ladla Song from The Movie "Beta" starrer Anil Kapoor and Madhuri Dixit in lead Roles.He has been sing such fluently and clearly without any Mistakes in age 4 The People surprise on account Standing Ovation for his apprisal and Strengthen.The Song where lines about a Mother Worth applauded.

On Education life Dadagari Jeelan later Joined Intermediate At Bhavana Junior College with a Course of C.E.C at Proddatur.He Completed His Bachelor of Degree B.Com(Computers) and Master of Degree M.B.A at Vaagdevi Institute of Technology and Science.