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Dadagari Jeelan Wiki,Personal Profile,Bio-Graphy

Dadagari Jeelan Basha

Dadagari selfie with his friends at Picnic camp

 Dadagari Jeelan Basha (Dadagari Jeelan Basha born in 24th March 1992 at Proddatur), also known as D.Jetu Chopra, is an Indian writer and artist personality Referred to in the media as

"D.Jetu Chopra" which extracts many viewers "Wings of Fire" written by A.P.J abdul kalam, interpreting,modifying and improving and show the real description about the article by Jetu Chopra. In which after He has been appeared in more than 67 articles in which 34 articles written related to the "Development of India" prescribed by Social Network sites.

Indian Writer:-

D.Jeelan started his Carrer in 2014 after many challenges and circumctancies facing his past life.Every article that either shows some thing special or useful Phenomina.The first article "Wings of fire" which extracts many viewers and one of popular article show Hopefull for Developing Country India.The popular articles are Perfect Friend Journal Dairy",Computer Refresh and Yoga,Quotes about Great Authors,Ganhiji and selfish passengers,Time is my friend,Moon and Sea,BEst FrIeNds,Dont Under estimate any one,The pregnant deer,The dumb friend,Life must go on,The white blanket,The road not taken,The sensitive plant,Rope and Well,Mothers love,3 stories one ending about God,Kings Daughter and Mangoes,Love and partiality Step Fishes,Cyndrella a magical story, and Worthiness of Donating.


D.Jeelan most they loves and cares to his parents mother and father.according to his Personal Biography INSPIRATION: "I inspired first person that is my dad,according to me He is one real Hero of mine who always aid me,teach me and boosts me to seeks the journey of his runing of life."


The passionate of D.Jeelan according to his Biography "Listening Music and Writing Stories which highly relates to morals and conclusions.Apart he show high interest on Nature beings been engaged lot of spent with Developing Plants and Caring Animals.


In the year 2012 Dec 21st the father death made a real challenge to "live as Alone" which remains in his heart as a meomorable and unforgetable love in these world.(the two shocking surprise news about his father and best friend remains him as high misery but it"s uncertain ("Whatever Happens Life Does n't Stop,Life Must Go On").He have three sisters(married) and One brother working as Non Resident in Abroad.The games mostly likes Cricket,apart of cricket.they also like chess,and Basket ball.The Colors mostly like Blue and yellow.He often like Biriyani one of muslim Dish and Dosa.He mostly like Rasgulla,and Milk sweets.He mostly try to wear tailore made dresses apart Jeans t.shirts and Raymond shirts.Entertainment He prefer to mostly like most flims of Bollywood King Shah rukh.Apart he watch music channels and wild life like animal planet,9XM, sony t.v,etc..and so on.

Early life Education:

He change three schools in early life.{0-2nd class in Harsha public high school proddatur and after shifted to hyderabad from 3-5th class studied in paragon modern high school(hyderabad),and after returning his native place after 3 months he continue his studies and join S.B.Meomorial high school from 6th class to S.S.C. in proddatur.
He complete his primary education with lots of joy and happiness with his friends in S.B.Meomorial high school.Secondary education C.E.C group in Bhavana jr college with ,Graduate B.com (computers) at Lepakshi degree college and post graduate m.b.a (master of business administration) at Vaagdevi engineering college.proddatur.cuddapah,a.p.


He is a well talented and intelligence in his education.
according to their personal biography
" My strength is answering any question to teachers and increasing my reputation or image". 


according to His Personal Biography:-
"Any opportunaty for Development of India"

Awards and Merits:

In 1996 the best singer award in Harsha Public high school.(Song:Beta,Mein tera Ladla)
In 2002 the Best Hand writing Compition award in Paragon Modern High School.(Essay on Swamy Vivekananda).
In 2007 Best Performance award in S.B.Meomorial High School.(Discipline and Obedient)
In 2013 An Merit Certificate an Occation of Swami Vivekananda.(Vaagdevi institute of science and technology)
In 2014 An Meir Certificate on H.R in MANVITS 2k.(Vaagdevi institute of science and technology).


According to his Biography His best Search engine is Google.He say special thanks to Google in his Google plus id.By The best ever quotes:
"Google is a search engine which shows me world inside my hand. "
"Google is a platform to approve talent from any where"
Apart he likes Wikipedia,face book,youtube,twitter,etc..,


He prefer to like Shah rukh Bollywood Baadshah,the best Quote & lyric " Waadon Se Apne Mukarta Nahin Marne Se Main Kabhi Darta Nahin Baadshah movie"

Dadagari comparing die hard fan Srk as Raees


He Currently working as a "Tally Accountant Officer",Proddatur.Cuddapah(dist).

Cricket Players:

He mostly like Cricket to watch and his best player according to his Biogarphy is David Warner and Shane Watson,Sachine tendulkar, Malinga, Cris Gale, Amla Dhoni,and Viru Raina.

Indian Sports Players:

Sania Mirza,Saina Nehwal and Sachine Tendulkar. 

Articles published by Dadagari-


Gandhi and Selfish Passengers:-

A Story takes place in the year 1888,september 3,as Mohandas karam chand Gandhiji travelling in a Ship to london for their barrister law completion.
the day was pleasent observing to all passengers are happy every ones face reflecting a shadow of smile.
The day as coming to end suddenly a thunders are started to sound.,and the passengers in the ship are frightend and fearful.the rain started with miles of kilometer range of waves.every passenger are started to remembering god on their on beliefs of religion.
The rainfall finaly go away without harming any passenger in the ship.
there is no rule to remember god only at the time of facing problem.gandhiji observes that a individual always remember at the time of any help or profit want from god,at the remaining time he forget to god.

 Perfect Friend Journal Dairy:-

     dairy makes your life an art to themes the journey of your life after you are not alive then its aid and makes inspired to the your family,childrens,etc.,to share the your inner communication which unable to tell anyone.

A dairy makes a heart to minimise the burn on the heart by sharing the sad feelings,happiest scence,love rhtym, every event data birthdays,marriages,parties, and other goals acheivement events,etc.. every time of snap is reserve in the dairy.

Life Must Go On ;-

   Whatever Happens in life but life Never stop it must go on:-A story about three friends:-

                                                     Once they plan a trip of camp in a hill spot place near river of narmada.the three friends thus enjoy the whole trip with lots of joyness and plenty of fun.the day was completed and returning to whom there they decided to meet again these spot after 10 years at the same date and same month and same day.The 10 years are completed and the day as come,hence one of whose friend was excitedly started to ready way for the camp which decided by his friends.when he enter that spot no one is there he feel sad and started to contact his friends where he find one of friend is left to singapoor for as his getting a job.other friend shifted to U.S.A for his P.C completion.although after hearing about two friends he started to leave that place and as he living he hear a sound where a chidrens murmuring and there he saw a three childrens was swimming in that river.
Theme :- whatever happens in life but life must go on.it canot stop.

Computer Refresh And YOGA:-

In computers we refresh to clean the RAM but in Humans which word to use for our Brain refresh: MEDITATION in Hindi YOGA can we use these words to refresh our brain:-
Doing desktop refresh loads the icons on the desktop again. People who are refreshing the desktop are impatient because the system doesn't feel responsive enough so they refresh the desktop to check how responsive the system is. I don't think doing this improves any performance though, on the contrary you are asking the system to do a little more(your refreshes) while its already busy doing something else.
It is so strange trying to think about nothing, because then seemingly random thoughts will pop into my head as soon as the others have faded, instead of the usual continuation of one subject evolving into another. And at this point, I can’t clearly remember what these thoughts even were, but at the time, it reminded me of pop-up ads as you are trying to close a browser. You realize there were all these ads behind the main window that you were focusing on. Maybe they weren’t taking up much of your thought, but they were certainly making the computer or internet run slower.
Our brains are probably very similar. Even though when we sleep we are often refreshed, it seems like it would be beneficial to shut down each memory train that is running in our brain. They reveal themselves as soon as you push out the more pressing thoughts closest to the front of your mind. Then random imagery, words, people, events, or fiction pops into your head. But somehow I doubt it pops in randomly, it must be playing off something else, or perhaps hanging out in the back of the mind the whole time just waiting to get some attention.

Moon and Sea:-

Moon and Sea met in the night of mid where there is no any noise and peaceful night,sea ask to moon "o dear moon why the world is so busy with the life not concentrating to us.just one secong gaves us to".
Moon reply :there is no one seeing us] how can you say that there are some who always anytime see like childrens see and laugh to us when they are sleeping at adown of me.
Sea advourly reply  @ woh" yes whenever they come to sea they always show real love and joy with me.,and sea reply.
Moon: yes its mean some one is there who cares about us both right,
sea: human but why not human.reply angrily.،
moon: human also but in old age.
Sea: why at old age only but not yet at embroic age.reply hurrily.:
moon: answer in children and old is a line where human not have a "taste of life" .
Sea:oh k its time to sun rise you may leave now we will conserve tommorow.:
moon:k bye.
The Man is Busy in his life at that most he cant admiring the surrounding Nature also.
Money,enjoyment,wealth,luxury,entertainment,etc...,the mix of these words are called taste of life.

Kings daughter and Mangoes:-

Part 2 :-
The Theift saint started her to get money by beg other wise he will not provide a food.the kings daugter becoming misfortune for food she started to beg.one day she collects many then any day she not get.she been tired about and started to collect a mangoes seeds.where in near the home of saint there was a forest which sand is very smooth she thinks its a good opportunity to grow a tree as its running rainy season as well.hence after some months the mangoes are been ready to grow.thus she conserve about these to saint.the saint thinks its a good job for get more money and he gave permission to sale of mangoes in two conditions.condition 1 she must not sell mangoes at the side of east.second is she must cover a scaff on her face.the kings daughter accepts his conditions and start to selling mangoes.every where for offering mangoes she use slogans as "take mangoes take in 5 rs 3 mangoes the king daughter came for sale of mangoes".
The 3 months over one day the mangoes are not sell in any part due to unseason.the demand is very low.thus she thinks if it free like the mangoes will destroy up to tomorrow.then she decided to sell that day only.,and started her slogan in the east side.as "take mangoes take in 5 rs 3 mangoes kings daughter came for sale of mangoes".the kings wife here that slogan and see the girl,with some servants she call her.the kings daughter came and fluently seeing that home which something she reminding about.the kings wife said "look my child dont worry i will take your all mangoes but you have to remove your scaff.the daughter open her scaff where she observe the mole which appears her face on left eye.then without any objection she hugs and said loud voice " oh my lovely daughter where you go by lefting me alone".the daughter after knowing that she is now in her own home feel very happy.like that by mangoes the king found his daughter.the climax in these story end by when the thieft saint all over find that she not return definately she embeded in east and got to their family,so he went to kings palace for take his daughter again.thus in other hand the king make all efforts to kill that saint.thus when saint enter suddenly they cage in jail,and kill to saint.
the who ever brokes law they must be punished.
Part : 1:-
By "Mangoes" King found his lost Daughter.:
Once there was a king who has every thing money,wealth,palace but any where he wanted a daughter which comes as shine in his palace as a godess lakshmi.A king was very eagerly waiting for daughter,as he has been has 7 sons but no even one daughter.he ask a famous priest that for what i do i get daughter.the priest say u must bath in the ganga river which lies from the four sun shines may be its work.then he went their and done all prayes and devotions which tell by priest.hence after along years he birth a beautiful daughter but the daughter has a mole on the upmost left eye.king worried and ask about it then priest very sadly said the mole indicates your daughter in future face a big problem.the king started tho take all serious protection for her daughter for her grew up.
11 years over the teez name festival came all the girls in village started to go forest for celebrating season.thus by seeing these the daughter not stop herself and run awy with friends without informing.the day ago with lots joyment.suddenly a clouds take place and thunders started all the friends ran away on their ways inspiting kings daugter forget.the little daughter seated on down tree started cry.the saint whoes saw crying observe a full of jewelleries.he take all jewelleries and take her in to home.
The story read as part one and after part two for clear understand....,

Social Profiles:-

Face Book 


Dareness is equipment which fight againist Death also"
"Life is Miserable there is no life without Misery"
"Hate Me or Love Me but You can't Ignore Me"
"Donating is peace habbit of Heart"
"Road is taken  challengable is a Real Hero"
"Keep hard work one day Success Work"
"Who says there is no "God" is our "Parent's" are not God"

Images of Dadagari Indian Writer:-



Selfie from Intermediate college

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Srk comparasion Raees Movie

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How to forget deep love ;-
1st Delete everything. This includes phone numbers, chat logs,block fb and
emails. It might hurt you, but you
won't read or call if you no longer
have access to these things. It is also wise for you to block
their number/email, to prevent
any future contact. 2 Get rid of all poems, music, films, photos, etc. Discard all of the special items that remind you of this
person. Get rid of the things that
remind you of your love. 3 Remove all of the objects that remind you of your love. This includes gifts, clothing and jewelry.
Donate them to a worthy cause. Edit Part Two of Three: Letting go 1 Realize that you'll be tempted to wallow in self-pity but that this too shall pass. Breaking up is tough, even if it's you has left the
other person. What's important is
that you realize that life must go on.
Start something new, even if it
doesn't take off, you would at least
be happier with the experience. 2 Bless your former lover. Despite everything that's happened, bring
yourself to truly forgive. If possible,
go up to the person and tell him/
her that you have been deeply
hurt, but you forgive them for all
they have done. This helps you to move on, and believe in humanity
once more. 3 Brainwash or use logic to beat the blues. If your ex-love was a pain, getting over it should be
easier. Just focus on the negatives
and be happy that you are out of a
toxic relationship. If the person
was really nice, then it's tougher,
but then again, be happy that you had the opportunity to meet such a
person. Remember that everyone
comes into our lives for a reason,
it's not the quantity, but the quality
of the relationship that matters. 4 Keep the faith. It's easy to become bitter, but remember, that will not
make you happier. Religion, music,
animals, sports; any of these can
bring back the warmth into your
life. Edit Part Three of Three: Moving forward 1 Learn what the former relationship has to teach you. Remember that there is always love
to give and there is so much we can
do to make our lives richer. Learn
your lessons and embrace the light.
Give yourself to a cause greater
than yourself, and suddenly all your worries will disappear. 2 Make a list of things you always wanted to do and never did. You've probably wanted to do a lot
but never got around to it because
the relationship was taking up so
much of your time. Once you are
done with the list, you will see how
much life has to offer you. Try hobbies like drawing,
cooking, sewing, etc. Consider getting back into a
sport or starting a new one. Try a challenge, such as
entering a chef's competition or
a photography contest. 3 Don't stay home. You don't need money to walk down your street,
look at the sky, enjoy a book or
other simple pleasures that life has
to offer us. 4 Meet up with old friends: Or make new friends. A good way to meet
like minded people is to join a club
related to your interests. 5 Refrain from talking about your ex-love all the time. Your friends will soon disappear and you will
find it harder. 6 Keep positive things in front of your eyes. For example, put positive quotes and lovely photos
around your home. Or watch
pleasant programs so that you will
not be reminded of your past lover
and it will encourage you to do
something better. 7 If you find yourself unable to move on after a few months of working through things, try talking to someone about it. This might be a psychologist, family
member or a friend. Talking it out
can help you release the stress,
gain advice and build your self
esteem through having someone
listening to you. 8 Move forward in your own way. Whether or not it was a good
experience, it happened and it
mattered for a while but now it's a
lesson from which you will grow.
There are other relationships to
discover now, so set yourself free.
Google is a search engine which shows me world inside my hand.
Youtube is o video search engine which makes me entertain always.
The Beautiful Love story inseparable to the Valentine Day..................,

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Blood Donation is service to Humankind,By Donating Blood you help a needy and save a precious life.
Transfusion of blood every year saves Millions of life all over the world every year,Their are Millions of Blood Donors all over the world But still their are number of countries who don’t have adequate number of blood suppliers and face the challenge of blood supply to the patients i the country However WHO is trying to make available adequate blood to the needy patients all over the world in order of this World Blood Donors Day is celebrated on 14th June every year to promote Blood Donation all over the world,and one of the best way TO SAVE ones life....................,

Mothers Love

Mother is a word which always often used for sacrifice.she sacrifice peace,she sacrifice her happy,and she sacrifice even her life for her children.Lets Read a Worthy Story Know the Value of Mother.

A Worthy Story With A Moral...

The Value Of A Mother... After having reached at the peak of his career a man felt an urge to repay back to his mother for all that she had done for him. So he asked her, "Mother, what can I give you? What can I do for you? I sincerely want to repay you for all the sacrifices you have made for me and for all the love you have showered upon me." Mother looked surprised and said, "Why do you think about it. It was my duty so I did it, you don't have to repay me. Even if you want to, there is no way a man can ever repay his mother." Despite her continuous refusal to ask for anything, he continued to persist. To put an end to the discussion, she said, "All right.
If you must, then tonight you sleep on my bed, with me, just as you used to when you were a baby." He said, "That's a strange thing to ask for, but if it pleases you, I will." As soon as he fell asleep, the mother got up and brought a bucket of water. She poured a mug full of water on his side. Feeling disturbed by the wetness under him, in his sleep he moved away to the other side of the bed. As he settled down, his mother poured another mug of water on the other side. In his slumber he tried to find space towards the foot post of the bed.
Sometime later he woke up feeling that this part of the bed too was damp. He got up and saw his mother, with the mug in her hand. He asked angrily, "What are you doing mother? Why don't you let me sleep? How do you expect me to sleep on a wet bed?" Mother said, "I slept with you, when you wetted the bed in the night. I changed your nappy and moved you to the dry part of the bed, while I slept on the wet side. You wanted to repay me. Can you sleep here even for one night with me on a damp bed? If you can, I'll take it that you have repaid me."
How true it is that of all the debts in the world, the one that can never be repaid is the one you owe to our mother.
We can never repay the love, care and time our mother gave to bring us up. We are a part of her flesh and blood, we should don't forget this, because she never ever forgets it. I know you are thinking of missing your mother at this very moment....Give her a hug and tell her you love her, if you far call her, if she is not with you anymore keep her in your dua's… "There is nothing as beautiful as our mother in this world".?